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What is the origin of One Stockport?

The campaign originated from a request from the local business community to establish a shop local campaign as part of the coronavirus economic recovery efforts.

This was matched by a similar request from the VCSE sector who wanted to celebrate the community support and voluntary work which was seen across the borough during the first lockdown.

The council worked closely with senior leaders from across both sectors and the wider public sector to combine these two ambitions - and through that One Stockport was born.

How is One Stockport engaging with businesses?

Businesses from across Stockport of all shapes and sizes are an important part of the One Stockport family.

Regular updates are uploaded to the One Stockport website, social media channels and via news items distributed to local media along with newsletters and direct communication with businesses. Engagement has also been undertaken on the ground via the Pandemic Response, Work and Skills, and Neighbourhoods Teams.

Both the Economic Alliance (Top 10 biggest employers) and Economic Resilience Forum (key business leaders including from Stockport’s Business Improvement District and GM chamber of commerce) have played a central role in developing and shaping the campaign.

How do we know that people support the One Stockport initiative?

Measuring support for the One Stockport movement is not an exact science. However, we are able to gauge support by looking at engagement. Many borough-wide organisations representing a mix of ages from many walks of life have already engaged with One Stockport through the website, by submitting stories, through social media and by adopting the spirit of community.

We will continue to engage with and listen to our community groups and review our plans and activities as required. Further analysis of impact will be looked at through the One Stockport Borough Plan process.

Who is paying for One Stockport?

The project is funded from a mix of sources. These funding streams include from:

  • council reserves as part of the council's wider economic recovery response
  • External grant funding sources
  • Partners - for example where partners have incorporated the One Stockport branding and logo as part of their own promotional materials.

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