So what is

One Stockport?

About One Stockport


One Stockport is a growing movement that celebrates and promotes our many and diverse communities.

We have learned that by working in collaboration we can build a better future for everyone by supporting the local economy, connecting communities, and promoting health and wellbeing.


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Our Aims

Since the restrictions introduced by the pandemic of 2020:

  • Our communities have become better connected
  • Our local businesses have been better supported
  • Our residents have rediscovered the area by walking and cycling more
  • Our residents have embraced digital technologies
  • We all experienced cleaner air

As a result of our combined experiences, One Stockport is continuing to focus on 3 key aims:

  • Supporting Local Business
  • Connecting Our Communities
  • Promoting Health & Wellbeing

Borough Plan

Borough Plan

One Heart, One Home, Our Future – Our Borough Plan


What people are saying
about One Stockport

Music Magpie owner testimonial

“Being a proud Stockport business at the heart of the Borough, musicMagpie is delighted to be part of the ‘One Stockport’ initiative."

Steve Oliver

Chair of Stockport Economic Alliance and CEO of musicMagpie

Hazel Grove Mutual

“At the end of March I set up Hazel Grove Mutual Aid, just 3 weeks later we had over 90 volunteers. We have helped hundreds of people with companion calls, shopping, dog walking, prescription collection and delivery, furniture moving, welfare visits and much more to support our local community and are ready to organise community events so no one feels isolated and alone.”

Christine Carrigan

Founder - Hazel Grove Mutual

Louise Parrott-Bates

“Stockport feels like a place where we are all in this together with one shared objective meeting community and individual need. We need to maintain the impetus of community groups and this sense of togetherness.”

Louise Parrott-Bates

CEO – Pure Innovations