The Stockport

Borough plan

The Stockport Borough plan


What is our vision for 2030?

Every great achievement starts with an idea. We believe Stockport is a fantastic place, full of great communities that make the borough a great place to live, work or enjoy spending time – why would you go anywhere else? This plan is designed to offer an ambitious strategy to improve the lives of everyone who lives, or spends time, in Stockport.

Introducing: our One Stockport Borough Plan. It sets out a vision for the borough of Stockport for 2030, so that together we can continue to create a place that works for everyone – businesses, residents, community organisations and charities.

This is a shared plan. It has been shaped by what you – the people of Stockport – have told us is important to you, and developed in partnership with organisations across Stockport. We've worked together to ensure that voices and experiences from across our communities are heard.

Download the full Borough Plan or accessible version below, and see what we have in store to keep improving our brilliant borough.

Borough Plan

One Heart, One Home, One
Future – Our Borough Plan

Borough Plan

Not got time to read the full document? Want the key points of the plan in bite-sized format?

Download the quick version of the One Stockport Borough Plan below.


A plan for everyone

Partners across a number of organisations collaborated to create the One Stockport Borough Plan – with businesses, public services and other stakeholders pledging their support to this ambitious vision for the future.

See what a selection of the partners had to say below.


So what do the
numbers tell us?

When shaping our shared 2030 vision we looked at what the data was telling us. Who lives in Stockport, and what are the major challenges we need to overcome as a borough? How has the pandemic affected the people living and working in Stockport?

Watch the video to find out what data informed the creation of the One Stockport Borough Plan.


What do local people think?

Stockport's residents were key to shaping the One Stockport Borough Plan. Asking local people what they think is great about Stockport, and what can be improved, is and always will be the first thing we do when creating a vision for the future.

Watch the video below to find out more.

Borough Plan

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