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One Future:
Why now?
Why Stockport?

Stockport is an ambitious place undergoing a spectacular transformation.

A place to work and play, with green spaces and lots of culture on our doorstep, with excellent connections to Manchester, London, and the Peak District.

It's a place where residents, businesses and communities work together to make good things happen and get people the support they need.

But Stockport is not immune from the big challenges of our times.

The life chances of too many of our children are determined by where they live and Stockport is ageing more quickly than any other borough in Greater Manchester. It is also a borough that is becoming more diverse. We also have pressing challenges to decarbonise and respond to the global climate emergency.

There are also big opportunities to embrace new digital technology and innovations - making sure that everyone in Stockport can thrive in a digital age.

These challenges facing us are big. They will take time. That's why One Future looks ahead to 2040. We want to ensure Stockport is a place that is resilient to whatever changes and opportunities will come in the future.

Delivering 5 big
things together

To be the best place to live happy and healthy lives over the next fifteen years, we must have a relentless focus on the biggest challenges facing our borough:

  • Fair and Inclusive - Stockport is a great, diverse place to live, where everyone can thrive.
  • Climate Action Now - Creating a green print for Stockport so it is a climate friendly place to live, work, play and invest.

No one thing or one organisation alone can address either of these.

We have identified the 5 big things we consider will act as long-term catalysts for change and ultimately reduce inequality in our borough over the next 15 years:

5 Big Things 5 Big Things 5 Big Things 5 Big Things 5 Big Things

The Plan

One Stockport, One Future

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One Stockport: One Future

Shaped by you

One Stockport, One Future has been shaped by listening to the young people of Stockport, local businesses, community organisations and residents. In total over 450 people have contributed to One Future.

What businesses, young people
and partners told us

Borough Plan

One Heart, One Home, One Future
- Our Borough Vision and Ambition

One Stockport: One Future is the next phase of our Borough Plan.

It sets out how we will work together to tackle the challenges set out above so Stockport can be the best place to live happy and healthy lives, a place where anything is possible, a place that everyone, right across the Borough can be proud of.

We aren't starting from scratch. This builds on our One Stockport Borough Plan launched in March 2021. A shared plan, developed in partnership across Stockport and shaped by the voices of our communities and residents.

We have already achieved so much together, thank you!

One Stockport: One Future can only be achieved if we all work together. We know we can do this, because we have done so much together already.

Borough Plan

One Heart, One Home, Our Future – Our Borough Plan