Economic Recovery Campaign 2023

Let's keep our

Brilliant Businesses Bouncing

Brilliant Businesses Bouncing

Let’s support
local businesses

Every pound spent locally is an investment in this place we love. It has a huge knock on effect. Your money isn’t just going to one business, it’s going to their employees and local suppliers – like the baker who makes the cakes or the greengrocer who supplies the veg.


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Did you know?

A small change, makes a big difference

If every household spent £1 a week locally...

£1 would mean £6 million going back into local businesses, every year.


If every household spent £1 a week locally...

£1 would mean £6 million going back into local businesses, every year.


What our local businesses
are saying

"It's important that people support local businesses because it supports local suppliers."

Jaya, JH Neal Greengrocers

"We are here to help. You can come in and touch things, you can talk about things. We can give you help and advice and you can't get that online. So keep the support for the local businesses and we'll all thrive from there."

Barry, Edgeley Sports Edgeley

"The Reddish community is really strong. Everyone is so lovely. We're like a little family. Everyone supports everyone. All the little, small businesses on the street. We all put in together. We'll help each other out."

Cerys, Classic Cakes Reddish

"It is important that people support local businesses because they invest in the area that they live, helping to build their community and improve everything around them."

Thea, Run Of The Mill Bredbury

"It's really important that people shop local because it's good for our local community and also from a customer service aspect. You get to know people and it's good for your carbon footprint as well."

Glenda, La Cueva Cheadle

"I think it's the lifeblood of community. I think all of us strive off, live off and thrive off the local connections we make. It's important to have spaces to socialise and relax and live, and I think local businesses are so key to that. We use as many local wholesalers as we can and we're really proud of representing the very best of what's locally sourced."

Ben, Inventory Cheadle Hulme

"Bramhall is an amazing community. It's very tight knit. Everybody supports everybody. We do a lot of collaborations. We work together. It makes it to a really good place to be."

Alejandra, Bramhall Dog Groomers Bramhall

"Nowhere like Stockport. Nowhere like home, beautiful, friendly, loving, kind. Beautiful community, this is. And we all look out for each other as business people around here. That's what we do around my circle here."

Florence, Mama Flo's Great Moor

"I think it's about an experience rather than just buying something you need. People like to come out and and meet the people who've created things, have a nice day out and a chat with people. It gives that sense of community that you don't get if you just shop online or go to a big supermarket."

Kate, Stockport Market Stockport
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