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First Stockport Equality Month celebrates diversity and connected communities

First Stockport Equality Month celebrates diversity and connected communities

October is the first ever Stockport Equality Month! Stockport is preparing to host its first ever equality month to celebrate diversity and champion community cohesion

As well as being a public health crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on inequality. Marginalised communities, already on the edge of society, found themselves bearing the brunt of the fallout.

In response, Stockport’s Voluntary, Community & Faith based, Social Enterprise and Charity sector galvanised to provide crucial support to our communities, including those forgotten and pushed to the wayside.

Not wanting to lose this momentum, Stockport Equity Network and Sector3 have launched Stockport’s first ever Equality Month.

Jo McGrath, Chief Executive at Sector3 says:

“Inequalities in our borough and beyond have been well documented however, the pandemic showed the commitment of many communities across Stockport wanting to work together to ensure no one was left behind.

“The scale and the impact of the collaboration across sectors, faiths, backgrounds and the intergenerational support has been inspirational.

“We don’t want this to be forgotten, we are using this event as a way to showcase the fantastic work that has been done, build on those networks and collaboratively build a better and more inclusive future for Stockport.”

Stockport Equality Month will see a host of vibrant multicultural events from art workshops and walk & talks to culinary celebrations. Each event a conversation starter for those who want to learn more about different communities and identify ways they can be an ally to those experiencing inequality.

Tina Carnally, one half of Sector3’s Equality, Inclusion and Diversity Team says

“We created Stockport Equality Month because we recognised that there are many awareness days in October; Black History Month, ADHD Awareness Month, National Coming Out Day, Hate Crime Awareness Week, to name a few. For many VCFSE organisations, creating awareness of these issues is their daily work. By bringing diverse groups together to plan the month, we hope to raise the profiles of the amazing work that happens year-round in the borough.”

Residents, businesses and organisations are invited to discover how they can support their family, friends, neighbours and employees towards an inclusive and equitable society.

For the full programme and more information please visit the sector3sk website www.sector3sk.org/s-e-m

The programme is continually growing – if you would like to host an event or find out more please contact aba.graham@sector3sk.org

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