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Stockport Mind and the Five Ways to Wellbeing

Stockport Mind and the Five Ways to Wellbeing

Stockport Mind is an organisation that uses research and evidence-based methods to inform how we can assist people to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

As this is Mental Health Awareness Week, Stockport and District Mind is sharing ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’, simple and important ways that can help people’s mental health & wellbeing.

Stockport Mind is an organisation that uses research and evidence-based methods to inform how we can assist people to improve their mental health and wellbeing. We believe that connecting with others, having opportunities to give as well as receive, to notice the world around us, to keep learning and to be active (The Five Ways to Wellbeing – shown on page 24 of this report), are simple and very important.

The Five Ways to Wellbeing:
– Connect
– Be Active
– Take Notice
– Learn
– Give 

Connect – As well as supporting people one-to-one, our Carers’ Support Service also connects Carers of people with mental ill-health to each other. This allows Carers to share challenges and engage in mutual peer support. We do this via drop-in groups (currently via Zoom) and also our online Carers’ Choir.

One of the Carers we support said:

“The Stockport Mind service has given me so much in the last two months alone and shown me that you not only gain from the support but you can give it back, which allows you to allay some of your darkest fears. Otherwise we would all be trying to do this all on our own and that’s never going to end well.”

By connecting mental health Carers, we find they can benefit hugely from each other, as well as our direct support. To get in touch with our Carers’ Service > 0161 475 6229 / carerssupport@stockportmind.org.uk

Be Active – Many people who raise vital funds to support our local mental health services do so by being active.

Recently, a group of 13 friends raised an amazing £5000 by each covering 100km in one month – be it by cycling, running, walking, or a combination! Two other groups both committed to doing 100 squats per day each to raise money. In 2019, a group of friends raised an incredible £12,000 to support our services, by cycling from London to Stockport in 24-hours, in memory of loved ones.

It is inspiring to see what superb fitness and activity challenges people come up with, to suit their ability and interests. If you would like to help us out via an activity of your own, please get in touch.

Take notice – Due to Coronavirus, our arts and crafts group Thursday at One – which we have been providing in partnership with Stockport Baptist Church for more than 20 years – hasn’t been able to meet as normal. But we were keen that members could still be part of something together, so we created a gallery section of our website, so people could send in photos of things they have been working on from home. Members have said that even if they’re unable to do this, they enjoy the idea of “being part of something in spirit”. The gallery page not only allows members and volunteers (and guest contributors – this has been open to all) to submit what they have been working on, it has also been great to know that people have been taking notice of what other members of the group have been working on. Lots of them have commented really positively on each other’s creations, mutual encouragement which has been so heart-warming to see.

Learn – Something to look out for that we will be advertising very soon is an opportunity to learn more about food, nutrition, and mental health; how what we eat can affect how we feel, more than we might sometimes think. This will be about small, healthy lifestyle changes, and isn’t about dieting. If this might interest you, please keep your eyes on our website and social media for ‘Food For Thought’, an online workshop course of five modules, which will be free for eligible participants.

Give – The organisation that became Stockport Mind was founded in 1971 by a group of volunteers (this is our 50th anniversary year). Ever since, though services are now led by a staff team and overseen by a Board of Trustees (who volunteer their time), we have been very reliant on a loyal group of people continuing to give their time to support our projects. Many of our volunteers have chosen to donate their life experience, skills and good humour for a long time, some having been with the organisation for 20 years. Many have used mental health services, including Stockport Mind, before getting into volunteering. We are extremely grateful to our volunteers for giving us their time and being part of the team, and couldn’t function without them. Please keep an eye on our website and social media for Volunteering opportunities, should you wish to join the team.

Another way people can ‘give’ to support us is by donating. In recent years we have become increasingly reliant on local people making donations, or raising vital funds via events and activities. To make a single or regular donation quickly and securely, please head to this page. Contributions of any amount will be gratefully accepted.  

Get in touch with Stockport and District Mind: 

Phone: 0161 480 7393 (or 0161 475 6229 for Carers’ Service)

Email: info@stockportmind.org.uk

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