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Never before has there been such a focus on health and wellbeing

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Health & Wellbeing

We’ve all had to adapt physically and mentally in response to Covid-19.

On the positive side:

We’ve been walking and cycling more, we’ve become more environmentally aware and we’ve enjoyed cleaner air. We’ve discovered places on our doorstep that we never knew existed. We’ve learnt new skills and found ways to get more active at home and lots of people have really enjoyed the new flexible ways of working which fit so well with personal life. 

We’ve realised the importance of keeping in touch with family and friends and of the social networks and groups that connect us. Many of us have experienced the satisfaction of volunteering and helping others in need.

Let’s build on this and take every opportunity to put our own and other people’s health and wellbeing at the heart of what we do.

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How can I help to promote Health & Wellbeing

  • Protect everyone’s health

    during Covid-19 by following guidelines on social distancing, wearing face coverings and hand hygiene. Self isolate and request a test if you show any symptoms of coronavirus and cooperate in test and trace by leaving your name and details if asked to.

  • Leave the car at home

    and try exploring your local environment on foot or by bike.

  • Recognise when others

    are struggling with their mental health and wellbeing and help them get support if they need it.

  • Keep your mind active

    by learning and sharing new skills.

  • Get involved

    with activities going on in your community.

  • ​Keep active

    and sit less by finding ways to build more activity into your daily routine.

  • ​​Help yourself and others

    to better health by making simple lifestyle changes that will help protect your health and wellbeing now and in the future.

  • Attend prevention services

    take up offers of screening, immunisation and other prevention services.

  • Eat well

    try to eat more fresh fruit & veg and limit the amount of processed food you eat. You can buy all kinds of fresh produce from our local shops.

For information, advice, top tips and support to help you take care of your health and wellbeing visit www.healthystockport.co.uk


What people are saying
about One Stockport

Music Magpie owner testimonial

“Being a proud Stockport business at the heart of the Borough, musicMagpie is delighted to have been part of the new ‘One Stockport’ initiative.

We are excited to see the town unite under one brand as we all look forward to restoring both business and consumer confidence after such a difficult time for so many people.”

Steve Oliver

Chair of Stockport Economic Alliance and CEO of musicMagpie

Hazel Grove Mutual

“At the end of March I set up Hazel Grove Mutual Aid, just 3 weeks later we had over 90 volunteers. We have helped hundreds of people with companion calls, shopping, dog walking, prescription collection and delivery, furniture moving, welfare visits and much more to support our local community and are ready to organise community events so no one feels isolated and alone.”

Christine Carrigan

Founder - Hazel Grove Mutual

Louise Parrott-Bates

“Stockport feels like a place where we are all in this together with one shared objective meeting community and individual need. We need to maintain the impetus of community groups and this sense of togetherness.”

Louise Parrott-Bates

CEO – Pure Innovations