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Stockport Refugee Week Celebrations: A Journey of Hope, Resilience, and Community

Stockport Refugee Week Celebrations: A Journey of Hope, Resilience, and Community

Refugee Week, which officially launched on Monday, 17th June, set the stage for a week-long celebration of resilience and community spirit.

The launch event was a vibrant display of dance and storytelling, where courageous refugees shared their profound journeys, filled with tears, pain, joy, laughter, deep reflection, and inspiration. The atmosphere was electric, bringing together various participating organisations, including SMBC, refugee-supporting community organisations, and the NHS. The Stockport Race Equality Partnership, SREP led the successful launch event’s planning and delivery.

Day 2: A United Effort

Tuesday marked the second day of Refugee Week, with Stockport Race Equality hosting their event. Multiple organisations across Stockport, including the Heaton Norris Community Centre, Culture Bridge, Yaran Northwest, and SUMAR (Stockport United for Refugees and Migrants), held their own celebrations, demonstrating a unified commitment to supporting refugees.

Day 3: Celebrating Together

On Wednesday, the festivities continued at the Alma Lodge and Hotel Conference Centre. Ellen Brookes led the Stockport Living Well Collaborative in a special celebration, highlighting the strength and contributions of refugees within the community.

Day 5: Friday Night Film Screening

On Friday night, the Refugee Week film event was organised by SUMAR at the Labour Club, Stockport. This event provided an opportunity to come together, reflect, and be inspired by the stories and experiences of refugees.

The Culture Bridge CIC, hosted a hugely successful celebration on the same Friday, the 5th day of Refugee Week, featuring music, dance, conversations, and amazing cuisines. The day’s special guests were mostly refugees and asylum seekers from different nations and cultures, coming together to celebrate World Refugee Week.

We extend much gratitude to Sector 3 for supporting Refugee Week 2024 by securing the booking of venues for the entire week of events. Special thanks to Tiviot Dale Methodist Church for being the main host for the Refugee Week 2024 events.

Thank you to SREP, SUMAR, Culture Bridge, Yaran Northwest, OneWorld UnityBridge, Stockport Libraries, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, Make A Difference, and all partners that came together to make Refugee Week 2024 a resounding success.  

About Refugee Week

Refugee Week is the world’s largest arts and culture festival celebrating the contributions, creativity, and resilience of refugees and people seeking sanctuary. Established in 1998 in the UK, this annual festival aligns with World Refugee Day, celebrated globally on 20th June. In 2024, join us from 17th to 23rd June for a community-powered week!

Connecting Beyond Labels: A Global Movement

Refugee Week has grown into an international movement, with events spanning the globe, bringing together people from different backgrounds to connect beyond labels and foster a deeper understanding of why people are displaced and the challenges they face when seeking safety through an exciting programme of events, activities, and media campaigns.

David Mutai, who coordinated Stockport’s Refugee Week events, said:

“Join the movement and be part of Refugee Week 2025! Celebrate the resilience, creativity, and contributions of refugees in Stockport and beyond. Let’s come together to support, understand, and uplift each other in the spirit of community and solidarity.”

For more information and to get involved, visit http://www.refugeeweek.org, or contact local organiser David Mutai at refugeeweekevents@gmail.com. Together, we can make a difference.

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