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Day 1 – Volunteers’ Week in Stockport: Volunteer Mentor Award and Health & Wellbeing Award

Day 1 – Volunteers’ Week in Stockport: Volunteer Mentor Award and Health & Wellbeing Award

Throughout Volunteers’ Week, we are highlighting some of Stockport’s amazing volunteers whose work and dedication were recognised at the recent Stockport Rocks Volunteer Awards evening. 

Monday 3rd June:
Today we recognise the people who have been highly commended along with the winners of the Volunteer Mentor Award and the Health & Wellbeing Awards.

Volunteer Mentor Award

Winner: Carol Potts (above), Beechwood Cancer Care

“Carol has been an amazing mentor to all the shop volunteers, welcoming and training a range of new volunteers, both young and those with more experience, of mixed ability and with language barriers. She leads by example with a strong work ethic (often contributing up to 70 hours a month), but also strikes a great balance to ensure that the team around her get a great sense of enjoyment and fulfilment from their volunteering experience.”
Cathy Yates – Beechwood Cancer Care

Highly Commended: Andrew Millest, CERA Cycloan

“Andrew has given 8yrs of his time to volunteer with us working with students who have special needs…All the students who have worked with Andrew over the years have grown in confidence and self-esteem, gaining knowledge and skills along the way, which our students appreciate. Andrew’s personality and practice are second to none.”
Brian Pendelbury – CERA Cycloan

Highly Commended: Sue Dockney, EPEC

“Sue’s dedication and expertise in delivering the EPEC programme have positively impacted approximately 40 parents and 80 children providing invaluable support and guidance to families navigating challenging times.”
Rachael Pritchard- Stockport Council

Health & Wellbeing Award

Winner: Steve Hall (above right), Banter & Brews

“2 years ago Steve approached Re-dish with his idea of setting up a peer support and wellbeing group for men of all ages who may be lonely, anxious, bored. It was based on his own experience of the lack of provision in the area for men.

“The group meets weekly and often welcomes visitors providing information and signposting to other services to its members. The men have been on enrichment trips to museums and activities in the local area. There are now 4 groups running across Stockport on different days of the week including an evening session.

“As a result of its undoubted success Banter & Brews recently became its own constituted group with the opportunity to apply for more funding in its own right so that they can continue to deliver services to meet the requirements of members.”  Lynn Brandwood – Re:Dish

Highly Commended: Karen Ainley (below) Stockport Community Trust

“I cannot talk positively enough about the positivity that walking football has brought me, which has only been possible because of Karen. I can honestly say that my physical and mental wellbeing is better now than it has been for years”   Lou – Walking Football participant 

Highly Commended: Luigi Di Vuono

“Proactively volunteers as a wellbeing champion at his workplace, shares resources and training opportunities, organises wellbeing walks for staff regularly and pushes for wellbeing to be a continual topic of importance. Luigi
also steers wellbeing events and ideas for his organisation.Luigi understands the importance of getting out in nature, looking after your neighbours and trying new things in relation ot wellbeing and is always encouraging others to
do so.”   Hannah Holt

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