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Businesses and residents encouraged to take part in Winter Wheelers cycling challenge.

Businesses and residents encouraged to take part in Winter Wheelers cycling challenge.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is encouraging businesses and individuals to get on their bikes throughout December and take part in Love To Ride’s Winter Wheelers cycling challenge.

The annual challenge will take place from 1st – 25th December 2023, and is dedicated to embracing the cold weather and encouraging more people to hop on a bike throughout the winter season. It’s an all-inclusive challenge that welcomes both seasoned riders, and those who haven’t been on a bike in years (or ever), and there’s prizes up for grabs too.

Workplaces across Greater Manchester will compete against each other and internally between colleagues to switch cars for handlebars and rack up the furthest distance cycled in the run up to Christmas. It doesn’t matter if employees are in the office, working from home, or working full or part-time: the Winter Wheelers is about getting more people riding bikes where they can.

Businesses and individuals can register to take part in the challenge via the Love To Ride website, where they can also download additional resources to encourage friends and colleagues to take part too.

There are so many benefits to be enjoyed from riding a bike, and the Winter Wheelers is about embracing each and every one of them all year round, such as:

  • Supercharged physical health – even a 10-minute bike ride will boost your immune system, improve cardiovascular health, and help you live longer
  • Improved mental health – riding a bike is a mindful activity that promotes the release of endorphins and can reduce the causes of depression
  • Reduced stress and anxiety – biking can calm the mind, improve self-confidence, and elevate your mood
  • Protecting the planet – reduce your carbon footprint by leaving the car at home
  • Saving money – cut down on transport costs and car maintenance
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