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New charity EGG hatches plan to support homeless people into homes and work

New charity EGG hatches plan to support homeless people into homes and work

A new charity has launched in Stockport, that will use innovative solutions to tackle homelessness and rough sleeping guiding people into permanent residency and employment.

EGG – which stands for Engage Grow Go – will support homeless people in gaining permanent residency and full-time employment, by using targeted, person-centered approaches, including intensive support planning and outcome-based support work.

EGG has been established by Jonathan Billings, previous CEO of homeless charities The Wellspring in Stockport and Salford Loaves and Fishes. Jonathan has over 20 years’ experience of working with and leading organisations that assist with the significant challenges associated with homelessness.

Jonathan is joined by three Stockport based trustees: Steve Oliver, the CEO and co-founder of musicMagpie; Simon Rothwell, the CEO of Simon Charles Auctioneers and Rachel Coxon, the Chief People Officer of musicMagpie. All three trustees share a deep-rooted passion in supporting Jonathan to make a long-term, positive difference to the lives of homeless people. Both musicMagpie and Simon Charles Auctioneers have become the first businesses to offer permanent employment opportunities to EGG clients.

EGG has set out to supplement existing services available to homeless people and will focus its work on those who have high potential of becoming independent of EGG services, following their journey with the charity. This journey will include eight hours of support per week from a dedicated EGG worker, a bespoke, personalised support plan, as well as mentoring and support from volunteers.

The charity’s volunteering programme will seek to engage notable members of the community, who have already achieved positive goals in their lives and have the appropriate mentoring skills – this could be a business owner, politician, or someone who was homeless previously and overcame this. Each volunteer will commit to 1-2 hours of voluntary work per month and one of the first volunteers signed up to the charity is Navendu Mishra, Labour MP for Stockport.

Founder and CEO of EGG, Jonathan Billings, commented: 

“After many months of planning, I am thrilled to announce the launch of our new and innovative charity, EGG. Through the charity’s work, we wanted to provide a more targeted, personalised and intensive support plan for our clients that will help them reach their potential and thrive within the community. The first E of EGG is for engage and that is what me, our trustees and volunteers have truly set out to do with the people we work with – turning that engagement into growth for the individual until they are ready to ‘Go’.”

The charity held its launch event in Bask at Stockport Exchange where the CEO Jonathan (pictured above) and trustees explained more about the charity and its plans for targeted, intensive support of those who have been previously homeless, to help them thrive.

Jack’s heart-warming story demonstrates how important the work of EGG is and how it is already making a real difference to lives.

Jack’s story:

Jack is 30 years old and had been living on the streets of Manchester for the last 12 months. Sleeping in alley ways and doorways around the City Centre. Introduced to EGG Engage Grow Go in April 2022. Upon first engaging with EGG, Jack was mentally exhausted, physically stressed and angry with the system and the world due to the position in life that he found himself in. Over many weeks Jack embraced an EGG support plan and began to take very positive steps forward. By June 2022 Jack was supported in to housing and started a training course to secure a qualification that will lead to employment. In fact Jack already has several offers of Employment. Jack is also setting out on a journey with EGG to start his own business working alongside 2 of EGG’s Volunteer business mentors.  Jack has Engaged, Jack has Grown and now Jack has a way forward to reach his Go.

The launch also gave an opportunity to hear more about EGG volunteers and how businesses can work with the charity to make a far-reaching impact and achieve outstanding long-term results with homeless people.

If you would like to find out more about EGG on their website. To find out more about volunteering, to donate or to offer business support for EGG, please contact the charity here

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