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Wave of Change launches to help women in Stockport

Wave of Change launches to help women in Stockport

The Goodness Collective is currently recruiting for their sixth Wave of Change programme with a planned start date of 27th January 2022.

Their personalised programme takes place online over 10 sessions and helps unemployed, Stockport women, explore future possibilities and create impactful connections whilst building useful skills.  We will also aim to have a least one in-person session if possible.

If you are working with any women who would benefit from this amazing opportunity, please encourage them to sign-up for a drop-in session or telephone slot using the link below.

What’s Next?

Our programme begins with an initial drop-in session where we can meet the women who are interested, tell them a bit about the course and answer any questions they may have:

  • Sign-up to a drop-in (we have in-person & telephone slots)
  • Meet the course leaders & fill out some paperwork
  • Join us for 10 weeks of personalised development & support.

Due to lack of additional funding, this may be our last chance to assist unemployed women through our programme so please support us in referring women who would benefit from this amazing opportunity.

If anyone has any issues with online sign-ups please get in touch with Simone directly on 07803 250570, so we can assist further.  We thank you for your part in creating alternative pathways to exciting development opportunities

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