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Stockport Spidey launches anti-bullying campaign – can you help?

Stockport Spidey launches anti-bullying campaign – can you help?
Andrew Baldock, who you may know as one of the Stockport Spider-Men, is launching an anti-bullying campaign for Stockport’s young people. 

Andrew is also a coach at Jason Baird’s Black Belt Academy which is owned and ran by the other Stockport Spider-Man. Together Stockport’s Spidermen kept the children of Stockport entertained during the Covid-induced lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, at the same time raising thousands of £££s for charity, including for Papyrus, in the prevention of young suicide.

Andrew explains why he is once again using his Spiderman persona to highlight his campaign: 
“Bullying is still a major problem and I’m planning on taking Spidey into school’s to talk about this important issue. If all goes well I can expand it by going into other places and doing meet and greets at events.
“I myself suffered terribly with bullying as a child which also continued until I was 18. While it didn’t stop completely I was able to overcome it when I gained confidence learning martial arts. My hope is that by Spidey talking to kids we can put a stop to bullying at an early age.”
Andrew, aka Spidey, is looking for schools, councillors and local organisations to help him reach as many people as possible: 
“I’m initially thinking of doing one visit per week which I can review depending on how things go. There’s no cost for me to do this as I’m doing it as my own personal goal of 2022 to combat bullying. I would like to create some posters to promote the campaign and stickers to give to kids at talks so if anyone can help with that that would be great.”
If you or anyone you know can help Andrew with his anti-bullying campaign and messaging, please contact him on the
Stockport Spidermen Facebook page 
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