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Video of Mount Recyclemore Stockport highlights chronic impact of e-waste

Video of Mount Recyclemore Stockport highlights chronic impact of e-waste

Drone footage showing a birds-eye-view of Mount Recyclemore illustrates the detail of the huge sculpture, created from over 20,000 discarded pieces of tech.

Created by Stockport-based leading UK re-commerce expert, musicMagpie, alongside artist and founder of the Mutoid Waste Company, Joe Rush, the sculpture , designed in the style of Mount Rushmore, Mount Recyclemore – highlights the growing threat of e-waste. 

Originally commissioned to coincide with the G7 summit that took place in Cornwall earlier this year, Mount Recylemore depicts 7 world leaders including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, American President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The arresting installation, which is made from approximately 20,000 individual items of e-waste, will be in situ for eight weeks from July 21st at business hub Stockport Exchange and will form part of Stockport Business Improvement District’s Totally Stockport summer activities, which will include an art trail of 21 gigantic frogs, a food festival and Stockport’s first Enduro cycling festival. 

Mount Recyclemore was created to raise awareness of the growing problem of e-waste, which is reported to be the fastest growing waste stream in the world. According to the UN, the current 53 million tonnes of e-waste generated annually worldwide will more than double by 2050. 


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