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Stockport Borough Plan launches 10 year vision for the area

Stockport Borough Plan launches 10 year vision for the area

The Borough Plan focuses on nine priorities across three key areas – One Heart, One Home and One Future – to achieve the aim of creating One Stockport that works for everybody.

Stockport is a brilliant place to live, work and spend time – but, like other areas, it is not without its challenges. 2020 highlighted some of these challenges in the borough, but it also spotlighted the community spirit and togetherness that makes Stockport so great.

Developed in collaboration with people across Stockport, including those from local businesses, voluntary organisations, community groups and public services, the Borough Plan is designed to set out a vision for 2030. It focuses on creating a borough that is even more ambitious, inclusive and caring, for all residents and people who work or spend time here.

The Borough Plan focuses on nine priorities across three key areas – One Heart, One Home and One Future – to achieve the aim of creating One Stockport that works for everybody. Each section sets out a clear set of actions, and it is hoped that the people of Stockport will roll up their sleeves and get involved in helping to deliver the plan and, in turn, a better Stockport.

One Heart focuses on the people of Stockport and their communities, helping them live the best lives they can. The plan looks to work with our schools, families and public services to make Stockport the best place to grow up happy, safe and healthy in. It also looks to use new innovative technology to help people live happy, independent lives and empower everyone to be an active part of their community.

One Home focuses on the borough, making it sustainable and a fantastic place to live that celebrates diversity and equality. This part of the plan looks to celebrate the diverse neighbourhoods and local hubs within all the districts of Stockport – we’re all different and that’s what makes us great! One Home also looks to tackle the impacts of climate change head on within the borough, to make Stockport a climate-friendly place to live now and for future generations.

One Future outlines our ambitions for the future. We want to grow a competitive and thriving economy that is one of the leaders in not just the region, but the whole country. One Future also looks to develop the skills of our residents to meet the challenges of new and emerging industries, including by championing digital inclusivity and accessibility so that Stockport is at the heart of technological innovation.

Cllr Elise Wilson, Leader of Stockport Council, said:

“I am so proud of the role Stockport Council had to play in the creation of this ambitious plan.

“Our focus is on making Stockport a place that works for everyone, to celebrate the fantastic things that make us different, to help us lead the way in the fight against climate change, and to help build and strengthen a strong and innovative economy that is a leader in our region. All of these things are reflected in the Borough Plan, and I look forward to continuing to work together to achieve our shared ambition.”

The plan also includes a commitment on how organisations, businesses, public services, local residents and everyone with a stake in Stockport will work together, by championing values of inclusivity, ambition and collaboration.

Steve Oliver, Chair of the Stockport Economic Alliance, said:

“The response to the One Stockport campaign has really brought us all together in these challenging times, and proven that we’re all better together.”

Andrea Green, Accountable Officer for NHS Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group said:

“Everyone deserves an equal shot at health and happiness and that’s what is at the heart of the One Stockport Borough Plan.

“Building on the work we are already doing to improve health and wellbeing of local people, the Borough Plan brings this together into one single, joint plan.  Not only does this allow us to strengthen our focus on health, but to also look at new opportunities for improving services and the health of our local communities.

“The Borough Plan is an example of how different organisations, groups, and the wider community have come together to create a blueprint for making a better life for the people of Stockport.

“Together, we can work to ensure children have the best start in life in Stockport, and people and communities are empowered to live happy, healthy and independent lives for as long as possible. The Borough Plan emphasises these goals with tangible actions, and we at the CCG are very proud to have played a role in its creation.”

Helen McHale, Chief Executive at Stockport Homes Group, also commented:

“We were thrilled to be involved in creating the Borough Plan. I look forward to working together as One Stockport to create an even better place that works for everyone who spends time in the Borough.”

Steve Hughes, Chair of the Board of Trustees at Stockport Sector 3 and COO at Citizens Advice Stockport, added:

“The Borough Plan sets out an ambitious and exciting vision for the future of Stockport. The pandemic has highlighted what amazing voluntary and community groups we have in the borough, and this plan looks to build that spirit into our future to create an environment in which everyone can thrive.”

Keith Turmeau, Head Teacher at Harrytown High School and Chair of Stockport Secondary Schools Consortium, also commented:

“Schools play a significant role within the communities across Stockport whom they serve.  We want our young people to become invested in their borough and to see that their future can be successful and fulfilling and can be Stockport centred if they so wish.  Our collective ambition is to be a borough rooted in dignity and respect where true partnerships exist and there is a sense of mutual support.”

Download the full Borough Plan, or read the summary document, by visiting https://www.onestockport.co.uk/the-stockport-borough-plan

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