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Get involved with the Let’s Walk GM Walking Festival 2021

Get involved with the Let’s Walk GM Walking Festival 2021

After a long winter of lockdown restrictions, the Let’s Walk GM Walking Festival aims to provide some ideas, motivation and inspiration to Get Out This May in whatever way people choose. 

Get Out This May is an inclusive message for everyone to get outside for some fresh air each day in May.  For some that may be the front door step or balcony, to the nearest outdoor seat or a 10 minute walk to the end of the road and back. For others that may be a daily walk of an hour or more, and for most it could be something in between.  For those in wheelchairs, this message includes pushing, wheeling or rolling.

The campaign will make the connections to Mental Health Awareness Week (10-16th May) through the Five Ways to Wellbeing, and we have some family friendly and daily routine prompts during Walk to School Week (17th – 21st May).

Alternatively, please contact info@gmmoving.co.uk

Organisers of the walks are encouraging everyone to take part including businesses, where an employee could arrange a walking meeting with a colleague.

How to Take Part

  1. Go to co.uk/festival
  2. Choose your Let’s Walk calendar
  3. Get out each day in May
  4. Share with friends, family and @GMWalks on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram #GetOutThisMay

How to use the calendars

We have provided a series of calendars with a suggestion for a focus for a walk each day of May.  There is a calendar aimed at those new to walking, those wanting to do more and those who walk regularly. People can take the ideas and make them suit their own circumstances.

We have also produced a blank calendar for people to write their own walking activities in or keep a track of what they have done to Get Out each day this May.

Why not print it out and put it on the fridge or notice board?

The calendars contain links to additional supporting resources. For example nature-based activities, sensory activities, a mood diary and links to apps that help people find or plan new places to walk.  Many of the resources have been developed by organisations specialising in that field.  These activity sheets can all be found on the GM Walking website as part of the GM Daily Mile Toolkit or in the resources section.

We have produced some tip sheets for festival participants with motivational statements and links to more resources related to that day’s suggested activity.  These sheets are available to view and download from the website here.

Please share how you #GetOutInMay

We are asking people and groups that take part to share their photos of how they #GetOutInMay with @GMWalks. Please post photos, captions, stories of things you discovered, a successful bingo hunt, what you saw, noticed or who you connected with. Perhaps it’s how you walked or how you felt afterwards. We would love to see your photos and re-share your inspirational comments to help create a connection between the range of people and organisations taking part.

How to use in a group

It may be that the people involved with your organisation would like to complete the Get Out This May activity between them.  If anyone does a walk and talk the whole group crosses it off, so the group does 31 activities between them.

Or all of the steps taken doing the activity in May is counted up and made into a distance collectively achieved by the organisation?

Perhaps people would like to add a competitive element to taking part.  Perhaps all activity needs to be recorded on Strava to show it’s been done?  Perhaps points are allocated?  Talk to your colleagues and members, be creative and have fun!

Groups of individuals can meet in groups of 6 (or a larger group of any size from up to two households) for informal, socially distanced walks. Organised, affiliated walking groups that have developed Covid-safe practices, undertaken Covid risk assessments can organise led walks with as many people as they wish, as long as Covid safety is adhered to.

All the links can be found here

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