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Guinness Housing supporting their clients during Covid

Guinness Housing supporting their clients during Covid

3000 customers made their own 2D Christmas decorations which were added to wall mounted Christmas trees with COVID hope messages on them in our sheltered schemes.

Throughout the pandemic, the Guinness Partership have been working hard to supporting their residents in a number of ways to help reduce any issues that were causing concern and to make their lives at home more comfortable, particularly during the lockdown periods.

Here are a few examples of the types of support Guinness have provided:

Shopping for a vulnerable resident who was shielding:

“A local officer supported a vulnerable, elderly person living at our development at Nutwood Court in Reddish who was shielding during the first lockdown.  Through welfare calls carried out in the first lockdown,  the resident  told us that he was running low on essentials and struggling to get shopping as he was elderly, lived alone and had been advised to shield.

“Working with the Guinness Customer Support Team and our resident, we put together a shopping list and delivered his shopping within 24 hours of identifying his needs and made a referral to Age UK, who then ensured he received a regular shopping delivery going forward”

Managing an intrusion of rough sleepers

“There was an issue of rough sleepers accessing a block and causing a nuisance in communal areas. Some residents were facilitating this by leaving the external door on the latch. We altered the lock to improve security and had new keys cut for everyone, and this has resulted in the communal areas now being free of unwanted visitors at night and making it a safer and pleasanter Block to live in.

We continue to work with the Stockport Council and the Greater Manchester Mayor to tackle the issues of rough sleeping and to provide a range of suitable accommodation, for example by being a  partner in the Housing First initiative.”

Managing a boundary dispute – a long term issue resolved, that was ongoing for over 12 months.

“There was an issue between a private home owner and Guinness about replacing  a long  fence between the two properties, it had become more of an issue during the pandemic. It involved overhanging trees on the private owners land that prevented us being able to fit fence panels. Although our neighbour was extremely unhappy about us cutting her trees back, I managed her expectations resulting in her asking if we could fit additional panels near the adjoining garages to stop children accessing her property . We fitted the extra panels and the homeowner was happy.”

Helping a survivor of domestic abuse to move to a new home in Stockport

“‘Janine (not her real name) was referred to the Guinness Customer Support Team when she was living in another GM borough. It took a little time for us to win her trust – her ex had been stealing money from her and the police were involved , she had family ill in hospital and she was struggling financially. We initially sent her a food bank voucher and gas and electric credit was awarded via our hardship scheme. Further serious trauma happened involving her young son and ex partner where she felt threatened; by involving our Tenancy Enforcement Team, relevant agencies such as safe guarding and social services we were able to arrange an urgent transfer to another Guinness home. Janine moved to Stockport and is now in a good financial position, safely away from her ex partner and closer to family support.”

Some clients have been helped through the Guinness hardship fund.

This is a fund that Guinness provides from its own resources to those suffering greatest hardship. It has never been more needed than during the current situation. Those helped include vulnerable people with health concerns; a customer who needed help after losing their job and someone in need of food vouchers – the team help people from a diverse range of backgrounds and circumstances. 

Guinness have had lots of health and wellbeing initiatives progressing for older people in the borough:

Winter Walks pedometer challenge – we supplied 370 customers with free pedometers and collectively they walked the equivalent of going from John o’ Groats to Land’s End.  

3000 customers made their own 2D Christmas decorations which were added to wall mounted Christmas trees with COVID hope messages on them in our sheltered schemes.

We had Christmas COVID hero’s good neighbour awards. Additionally we sent out a 10 page winter activity and wellbeing pack to all of our older customers and we have had some really positive feedback from customers at Kinder court in Stockport.

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