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Project RECCE – helping service leavers transition to the construction industry

Project RECCE – helping service leavers transition to the construction industry

Project Recce is a great local initiative where two veterans are supporting ex-armed forced personnel into the construction industry.

Stockport based Project Recce is playing an important role in transitioning former service personnel into worthwhile employment in the construction sector.

One local project of which co-founder and CEO of Project Recce Neil Houlihan is particularly proud is a 17th century cottage in Woodley, Stockport that has been totally transformed in a stunning two-year refurbishment. The 400-year-old property is now a beautiful three-bedroom cottage with fantastic gardens.

The property was auctioned off by Stockport Council in 2016 for £95,000 after the owners decided they could not restore the property. It was back up for sale two years later for almost triple the price paid as reported in the Manchester Evening News in May 2018. The Grade II-listed cottage sold in November 2018 for £332,000!

As part of the conditions of sale, Project Recce had to fulfil many statutory conditions set by the Council to renovate the property back to the correct standard, while restoring and preserving its historic features.

Caroline Simpson, who was at the time Corporate Director for Place at Stockport Council, said:

“Back in 2013, the Council felt it was necessary to intervene and purchase this historic cottage so it could be put back into use.

“We worked closely with the property developer to make sure the renovation kept the character of the property and we couldn’t be more pleased with the finished work.”

Neil Houlihan explains more about Project Recce:

“I could see that there are many transferable skills from the services sector to the construction industry including discipline and leadership skills, the same attention to detail as in the services. This provides a route to sustainable employment for many at a time when they ned it most.”

Watch the video below and hear Neil’s story:

Watch more videos from Project Recce HERE 

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