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Local businesses and Stockport Council saddle up for young Stopfordians

Local businesses and Stockport Council saddle up for young Stopfordians

Award winning CERA Cycloan social enterprise ­received the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service in recognition of their work CERA for the community

Two local town centre businesses have joined forces to benefit six young people in need in Stockport and get them on the road to independence.

Operating in tandem, CERA Cycloan, a local social enterprise, Bike Shop, Bike Repair Service and Alternative Education Provider on Swallow Street and PT Powder Coatings, specialist power coaters coatings have worked together to bring 6 bikes back to showroom condition and donated them to eager young cyclists.

Brian Pendlebury, managing director of CERA Cycloan, explained how they came to work with PT Powder Coatings on such a rewarding project:

“Peter at PT Powder coating is a friend of mine and we discussed CERA Cycloan wishing to prepare 6 bikes to donate to local young people. Once Peter heard my intentions, he jumped on board straight away and kindly offered to powder coat the bikes free of charge and the charitable project was born.

“Each bike was stripped, then powder coated by PT. The frames then came back into CERA Cycloan and our students took great pleasure in cleaning all the parts and reassembling them on to the bikes in a road worthy state meeting national standards expectation. Reassembling the bikes was a fantastic learning opportunity for our Cycle Mechanic students and they were all proud of what they had achieved.”

Based in Swallow Mill Business Centre on Swallow Street, award winning CERA Cycloan social enterprise ­proudly received the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service in recognition of the work CERA Cycloan has done for the community and their ongoing commitment to help people get the fresh start they need through their courses, educational packages,  mentoring schemes and access to positive role models.

Located at 25 Gorsey Mount Brow in the centre of Stockport, PT Powder Coating powder coats alloy & steel wheels, car parts, motor bike & scooter parts & push bike frames in all type of finishes & amazing colours.

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