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Stockport College sets up Community College Kitchen

Stockport College sets up Community College Kitchen

Stockport College responded immediately to the public health crisis in a number of ways that supported our young people and our community. 

Community College Kitchens, CCK was set up by Stockport College to provide care packages to their most vulnerable students.

Working in partnership with the council, the college were able to help young people with volunteers from the council and Stockport College who helped with both packing and delivery. The teams worked together as ONE STOCKPORT using the Town Hall as their base to pack and deliver from. 

As well as providing the CCK, Stockport College has been doing more in the community.

Wall of Wellbeing

Stockport College set up a shared space on our website for community,  students and staff to post positive poetry and prose. Supporting mental health and wellbeing through shared positive experiences. 

Community Care

Stockport College students from Health and Social Care groups communicated with the socially isolated and shielding communities during the lock down period. A mutually beneficial experience which saw young people supporting and communicating with the community. The college worked in partnership with The Prevention Alliance , Stockport Advocacy and Age UK. Once again working as ONE STOCKPORT to consolidate our commitment to our local community. 

#FE Foodbank 

We collected funding donations to support our local foodbank.

Community College Kitchens continues:

Stockport College are in the process of setting up an unincorporated association with college staff and community partners on the board to support vulnerable students and their families going forward . 

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