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A Positive Poem for All

A Positive Poem for All

One Stockport is about the people, it's way of life. Times are a bit tough for us all at the moment but we hope you enjoy Linda's poem.

Linda Cullen from Stockport enjoys writing poetry and has been doing so for many years.

Linda said:

“I live in Gatley and having received the One Stockport informative leaflet in the post, I wanted to share my latest poem hoping to encourage everyone during the uncertainty of life at present.”


The world has changed,

And it’s hard to recall

The freedom of times

When we could just ‘do it all’.

If we all play our part,

Then restrictions will ease,

And we can hug family and friends

As much as we please.

Meanwhile acceptance is key.

Regulations restrict us,

But in our minds we are free……

Thank you. Linda Cullen.

Image by https://pixabay.com/users/papyrusy-16277617/Jhoana Marie Sy

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